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Ultra sexy lingerie for very sensual moments!

Choose the lingerie that will enhance your sensual curves

Enhance your sensual curves and please your darling by wearing plain lingerie. These lingeries reveal various details depending on the underwear you wear: transparency, embroidery, opening…

Red lingerie is the ultimate sexy underwear colour. According to American psychologists, a woman dressed in red is more sexually receptive. This colour sends a sensual and subliminal message to men.

Between the nightie, the thong, the push-up bra, the underwireless model… women have a lot of choice of sexy and chic lingerie to wear at night. Some undergarments are more appealing to men than others.

The baby doll is an exclusively feminine nightie in the form of a light nightgown.

The babydoll is a romantic undergarment appreciated for its comfort, softness and delicate appearance.

A negligee is an elegant dressing gown similar to a home garment.

Pyjamas often consist of trousers and a jacket or jumper.

A jumpsuit is a satin or silk jumpsuit similar in shape to a nightie.

A teddy covers the crotch and torso with the same garment.

To ensure a successful wedding night, it is important to choose your wedding lingerie carefully. By choosing delicate and chic underwear, the bride will feel more comfortable wearing this type of lingerie and more desired on the wedding night.

Those looking for chic and erotic underwear should choose lace underwear. For soft and luxurious wedding underwear, opt for silk lingerie!

Wedding lingerie, chic & delicate to wear on the big day!

Men’s lingerie is available in different ranges: thongs, boxers, briefs or pants. Men have a choice of underwear: stylish, sporty or daring.

Men can show off their best features by wearing sexy latex or fishnet lingerie. Choose sexy underwear that is comfortable thanks to natural materials like cotton.

Briefs are comfortable underwear for everyday wear. They are suitable for those who want to be supported with every movement. Boxer shorts are a modern and comfortable way to wear underwear for men.

Spice up your sex life by wearing a sexy outfit that you don’t usually wear. Lingerie can be accompanied by accessories that allow couples to have a hot night.


Dare to wear open panties

Timeless elegance and luxury

Pretty and sexy lingerie

Round and sexy in lingerie

Full-figured women can play up their charm and generous curves by wearing sexy clothes that show off their voluptuous bodies.

Wear naughty lingerie, for example, to succeed in your seduction operations with daring and transparent underwear.

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