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How to avoid being tacky by wearing a thong?

Wearing a thong can be complicated and awkward, and can even look tacky. However, there are a number of tips on how to wear a thong in a fashionable and comfortable way. Follow this short guide and dare to wear…

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How to wear the jockstrap to be both comfortable and sexy?

Some people think that the jockstrap belongs to the fashion of the homosexual community. Since 1874, the inventor Charles Bennett created it for men, ideal to be worn during sports practices. The jockstrap may be feminine, but this underwear can…

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The trend of harnesses and bodysuits for men

Men are rushing to new horizons. Every day, the fashion world creates more and more new things. Inspired by ideas from nature and everyday life, the world’s top designers are coming up with new trends to renew and beautify men’s…

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Is latex underwear still all the rage?

Fashion is a trend that many people follow. Underwear is lingerie worn by both men and women. For women, they are part of their daily life. The materials used for their designs are different, latex is among the underwear always…

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