Some people think that the jockstrap belongs to the fashion of the homosexual community. Since 1874, the inventor Charles Bennett created it for men, ideal to be worn during sports practices. The jockstrap may be feminine, but this underwear can be both stylish and comfortable. What is a jockstrap? What are the roles of this underwear? Why is jockstrap fashionable?

What is a jockstrap?

Yes, gentlemen, you can look sexy in jockstraps. Yes, it's a fashion favoured by the gay community, but it's not just worn by gay women. In any case, you should know that there is more to life than just briefs and pants. The jockstrap is an undergarment designed for men and has a front pocket. It is an undergarment with an elastic waistband. It leaves both sides of the buttocks bare, but the buttocks are well supported. The jockstrap is a jockstrap. It is ideal for wearing during sports such as martial arts, rugby, boxing... It is advisable to wear a protective shell during intense sports. The front pocket is designed to easily fit the shell.

What are the advantages of this underwear?

The jockstrap is worn during sports because it can protect the person from possible risks. This is normal, as the jockstrap is particularly suitable for physical sports. For example, most baseball team members wear them. Weight trainers, runners and rugby players wear it during their practices. It is ideal for these sportsmen and women, as it provides good support during all actions. The secret of the jockstrap lies in the absence of fabric at the back of the jockstrap, which limits the perception of friction. Good heat dissipation can be noted. It is an underwear for men, it offers personality to the wearer. It is an instrument of seduction that is both sexy and cool.

Why is the jockstrap fashionable?

Men wear jockstrap for sports or to impress their partner. Admittedly, boxer shorts are not ideal for all men. The jockstrap is back in the limelight, as it is a very easy to wear underwear and is really comfortable. It is important to choose the right model and to know how to use each type of jock. There are different types of material and colours. The jockstrap differs in finish, but also in price. The choice is up to you, so be careful, because once you try it on, you'll like it.