Wearing a thong can be complicated and awkward, and can even look tacky. However, there are a number of tips on how to wear a thong in a fashionable and comfortable way. Follow this short guide and dare to wear the thong with confidence.

Choosing the right model

The thong is far from being vulgar lingerie. In fact, the piece has evolved and is now available in a multitude of models. Wearing it eliminates the appearance of unsightly traces under a skirt or trousers that are too tight. In order to wear a thong properly without looking outdated, start by choosing the right model. The piece is divided into three categories: the tanga, the classic thong and the g-string. The thong is a hybrid between the classic thong and panties. The fabric covers the upper part of the buttocks, but leaves the lower part bare. This is the item you need to start with. Then the classic thong covers the front and the waist. The fabric tapers to the top of the buttocks. All that's left is a 1.5 to 2 cm wide strip that slips between the buttocks. Finally, the g-string consists of a triangular fabric in the front and thin elastic bands. Despite its minimalist style, it provides good comfort.

Fitting the g-string properly

There are a few tricks to wearing a g-string. Put the piece on as you would any other underwear. Then adjust the back so that the thin string is passed between the buttocks. Pull on the front to strengthen the fit and to get a good wearing comfort. The next step is to put on your regular clothes while making sure that the thong does not stick out. To do this, bend over and sit with your back to a mirror. Look to see if the piece is visible. If it does, it means that the model is incompatible with your body shape. However, you can slip it discreetly under your clothes or hide it with a belt. During the day, do a quick check and pull up your trousers if the thong appears.

Put on the right clothes

In addition to being discreet, thongs carry a sexual connotation that women appreciate. Also, the piece pairs well with skinny jeans and leggings. It is perfect with a tight dress that shows off your curves and buttocks. In addition, gynaecologists recommend the cotton thong. The material allows the skin to breathe and prevents itching. On the other hand, lace thongs retain moisture and cause irritation. There are health risks if the person has already been subjected to intimate infections. The thong is an environmentally friendly undergarment because of its low use of fabric. Finally, they come in a variety of sizes, colours and brands.