Do you want to spend unforgettable nights with your partner? Do you have doubts about which sexy accessories to use? Here are the hottest items to follow to enjoy a wild night out with your soul mate.

Naughty accessories to get you started

Start with card games, role-playing games or erotic gambling games. Use a classic pair of dice for foreplay. Exploit all possible Kama Sutra positions with card games. Turn up the heat with board games. Tell your partner about your sexual experiences and fantasies during the different games. There is nothing more exciting than submitting to your soul mate during a little sexual recreation. Continue the evening with sensory deprivation. Simple silk scarves make sexy accessories. Tie up your eyes and hands. Give a sensual massage with pleasantly scented citrus oil, preferably organic.

Accessories for a romantic atmosphere

As the night progresses, the tension rises and you prepare for the second phase: caressing and touching. The atmosphere in the room is very important, as it can increase or decrease the excitement. Perfect lighting is important for an increasing curve. Dim the lights and light the room with only a few candles. Take your partner into the bathroom, also decorated with candles. Fill the bathtub. Loll together in the warm water with a delicate fruit-scented effervescent spray. If possible, set up a large mirror so that you can admire your embracing bodies. A sensual playlist is a must. Play romantic songs with slow tempos. Don't forget to re-decorate the bedroom and bathroom with thin veils and a few hints of roses.

Accessories for intimate relationships

The tension is at its peak and you're ready to indulge each other. At this point, sexy accessories play a more than important role. Go for pretty lingerie, but keep your personality. The aim is to surprise your partner without dressing up as a femme fatale. Gentlemen, dare to wear small boxer shorts that only conceal a tiny part of your sex. The condom has long been considered a simple means of contraception. However, it can be used as a high-performance sextoy. Choose a flavoured, heated or beaded model to decorate your private area. People tend to neglect the comfort aspect when it comes to the act. However, this aspect is essential to avoid discomfort. Also, place cushions after dressing the bed with a satin sheet.