A date with an escort girl in Switzerland requires specific arrangements to have a good time together. They combine certain elements to show respect to her companion and to value her services. Below you will find the few rules to observe.

Find out about the services

On a specialized website, you will discover information that will allow you to identify the precise skills of the candidate, and thus save time in prospecting. Independent escorts often mention what they do, but in a subtle way. If they do not provide details of their activities and principles, a link to a platform or agency where you can find this information may be offered.

Pay attention to the comments of other clients to make sure you find a reliable woman who is committed to her work. 

Search on search engines for the name of the agency or independent escorts. This will show you the quality of their offers. You can then adjust your requirements to the report. 

Don't be late

As with all appointments, being late disrupts the schedule. Certainly an escort girl has scheduled her time for you. But she may also have other things planned after you. So be a gentleman and stick to the times you have set. Arrange to meet when you are really quite available. If an unexpected event forces you to be unavailable, inform the professional as soon as possible. If you give too much notice, the support worker may lose another client to replace you, resulting in a loss of earnings. Some require compensation for cancellation. If she is not available at the scheduled time, do not force her. Rephrasing the same request after a few hours will not change the response.

Respecting the schedule is a good way to have a good time with an escort. You are putting her in good conditions for the next step. If you plan to keep her a little longer, ask her if this is possible.

To avoid any problems, book the professional several days in advance. But if you can't do otherwise, follow these recommendations.

Don't negotiate the rates

Rates turn out to be disparate between agencies and women. But in general, they are higher than those of a sex worker. Do not expect to get free services by playing the seduction game. This is a service offered in exchange for some money.

Do not try to negotiate the rate. It has been carefully considered and any renegotiation will make you look like a person who does not care about the sex worker's time and performance. While the fee may seem like a lot, it also reflects the lengthy management and planning stages that precede each appointment. Do not model your sex work on others who offer better terms. If the service of the person you want exceeds your budget, look to the competition or save your funds for more pressing needs. Sometimes meetings take place in the form of a deposit or advance payment. These deposits serve to ensure the client's credibility and intention to go ahead with the meeting. Be sure to respect them and not discuss them.

Do not discuss money over the phone or in person to avoid pitfalls. Check the best advertisements on the most popular websites. You can easily determine the amount and prepare for your next date.

Make your expectations known

Although an independent escort in Zurich is a refined and pleasant person, inform the agency and the girl of your expectations so that you are not disappointed with the services. This will make it easy for her to slip into character and provide you with enjoyable moments. If you have special preferences, be specific in your wording. This will allow the provider to determine whether she is able to carry them out in advance. If not, do not insist (this is a basic rule).

A perfect appointment requires meticulous and well-organised know-how. By clearly communicating your requirements, you make the accompanist's job easier. In any case, this person must be competent, helpful, friendly and disciplined. 

If possible, talk to them before hiring them. This will help you to determine whether they are a good match for you. 

However, avoid stating sexual acts. It is a sign of disrespect to the woman. You are representing the professional as a sex machine for your fantasies. Just remember that an escort girl has the right to refuse to be intimate with you. She is not an end in herself. 

Finally, always be clean during your dates and always have good breath so as not to make the escort girl uncomfortable.