If you and your partner have decided to add a little spice to your married life, you should use sex toys. These small, intimate gadgets enhance your enjoyment and prolong the moment of pleasure. Discover the sex objects for couples that combine pleasure and complicity.

The vibrating egg for a gentle start

The vibrating egg is a must-have on the list of sex toys for couples. The accessory is an effective weapon for starting foreplay in a gentle and stimulating way. It is used during sexual games. Combine it with a massage candle and an intimate stimulator to enjoy carnal pleasure together. The accessory raises the temperature and the desire in everyone. The sextoy offers a moment of complicity and carnal pleasure. The object stands out for its portable and discreet character. Indeed, you can take it with you, because it slips easily into your bag. Offer your campaign small sessions of pleasant and carnal tingling anytime: during an evening with friends, in a restaurant, at the cinema... It is accompanied by a wireless remote control that controls the intensity of the vibration. The device is aimed at households that want to spice up their married life.

The vibrator to thrill together

The vibrator is one of the most widely used sex toys for couples. It is available in several models. The waterproof accessory provides intense pleasure for two underwater. The device invites you to have sex in the shower, in the pool, in the spa or in the sea. However, this kind of gadget is reserved for naughty couples who are not afraid of the cold. If you're new to the practice, you'll want to consider a softer model of vibrator. During your crazy evenings, offer your partner a little pleasure. Slide the device into her private parts, press the remote control and watch her become aroused. Then remove the accessory before merging. It should be noted that the object requires impeccable hygiene to avoid the risk of infection.

The cockring for double enjoyment

The cockring is one of the most bewitching sex toys for couples. It takes the form of a ring that the man places on his sex. More precisely, it is placed at the base of the penis. During the sexual act, it acts simultaneously on the testicles and the clitoris. The device has the particularity of delaying ejaculation, intensifying the erection while stimulating the woman's intimate area. Although it looks basic, the object is a real source of carnal pleasure. There is a vibrating model that accentuates the pleasure even more. Brands compete in ingenuity to improve performance. Also, it is available in silicone, practical for climbing to the 7th heaven. What's more, the material is easy to clean. The waterproof model invites carnal lovemaking under water, which will enrich your experiences.