Previously, the sexy bodysuit was only worn by the most daring women. But because of its elegance and practicality, more and more women are wearing this lingerie. It has even become very trendy nowadays. Why opt for a sexy bodysuit? And how to wear it?

The sexy bodysuit: the new fashion trend

The bodysuit is the trendy garment of the moment. Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce... All the celebrities are snatching them up. People even dare to wear them as an outfit, whereas before they were only intended for lingerie and had to be worn as underwear. Glamorous, sexy and feminine, the bodysuit emphasizes the figure. It marks the shape and corrects small curves. Wearing one makes you feel more attractive and seductive. The sexy bodysuit also provides optimum comfort. It can be worn with any type of clothing: high-waisted trousers, straight or flared skirts... You can even wear a jumper over it if it's cold.

The sexy bodysuit: how to choose it?

Of course, the bodysuit is a stylish and comfortable garment. However, you also have to know how to choose it. The first criterion concerns the morphology. It goes with all body types, however, it enhances some in particular. The triangle bodysuit is, for example, the most suitable for I or H shapes. On the other hand, an X or V shape requires a round neck. Women with small breasts should choose a sexy bodysuit with an integrated bra. The second criterion is the colour. Black is the main colour of the bodysuit, combining sexiness and class. In addition, it goes well with almost any other colour. You can wear a black bodysuit on special occasions such as date nights, Valentine's Day or the wedding night. But brightly coloured bodysuits such as red are also a must, especially for everyday outings and walks. The final criterion is the material. Bodysuits are usually made from soft, flowing materials. This ensures the wearer's comfort. However, lace is also a very popular material.

The sexy bodysuit: how to wear it?

The sexy bodysuit can be worn as an outfit, swimming costume or underwear. If you choose to wear it as an outfit, you must combine it with the right clothes. For example, you can pair it with high-waisted trousers or a high-waisted, eighties-style pencil skirt. This will not only look cool but will also slim your waist. You can also pair it with a small jacket if you don't like the bare look. You have to be careful that your look is not too extravagant. As the bodysuit is already quite flashy, it should be accompanied by simple and rather sober clothes.