Nowadays, sexy lingerie has gone far beyond its primary function of seducing men. Indeed, many women admit to wearing sexy lingerie even at work because of the comfort and well-being it provides. Gone are the days when women had to suffer to feel beautiful! To hell with the suffocating corset! Today, women's preferences are increasingly leaning towards open lingerie, which offers more comfort despite what most people think. So why this craze? Here are a few parameters that justify the particular interest that women have shown in open lingerie in recent years.

Open lingerie makes a woman feel good about herself

For a long time, society has put it into women's heads that they have to look good at all times in order to seduce men. Furthermore, magazines do not help either when they carry messages such as "please your darling by choosing such and such sexy lingerie". Today, women have emancipated themselves from this archaic and backward way of thinking. Sexy lingerie now has a meaning that is more psychological than erotic. It is in fact about a woman feeling desirable for herself. Moreover, with the advent of open lingerie, women are rushing to the shops to please themselves. When they are in a state of undress in front of the mirror, they feel in tune with their physique and their self-confidence increases accordingly. It is obvious that feeling sexy while wearing open lingerie without anyone knowing can boost any woman's confidence.

Open lingerie helps to create lack in men

The media feeds women's minds with poisonous clich├ęs about how to preserve and sustain a relationship: "wear such and such sexy lingerie for a sensual night out that no man will forget!" It's true that a man won't resist a beautiful woman in a little outfit, but such an attitude won't help you keep a man. In fact, the secret is to spice up each of your sexual encounters with ultra-glamorous open lingerie and to adopt a femme fatale attitude that lets your man live his life to the fullest without nagging him all the time on the phone. Whenever he's away from you, he can't help but reminisce about your time together and will always be eager to have you back. Similarly, when your sweetheart will distance himself in case of an argument, a femme fatale knows her value and expects her man to show interest in time without having to beg for his love.

Open lingerie gives a woman the power to dominate

Society has always considered the man as the dominant male. Today, with open lingerie, times have changed. Since the creation of sexy lingerie, women have gone from submissive to femme fatale. Indeed, although men like to see naked women, they much prefer women in lingerie, which highlights their private parts and arouses more curiosity. More aware than ever of their sex appeal, women are gradually climbing the social ladder with great strides. Similarly, women are no longer afraid to compete with men in many areas, especially in the professional world. So it is no longer a question of wearing sexy, open lingerie to please men. It's more about a state of mind to better deal with the vagaries of life as a woman. In short, open lingerie allows a woman to adopt a femme fatale state of mind and helps her to approach her life as a woman with an iron hand in a velvet glove.