When you are a woman, you have to take care of your body. All women can be beautiful in their own way. Some people think that women with voluptuous shapes cannot be sexy. On the contrary, you just have to find clothes that fit your body type. When it comes to lingerie, choose one that hides your imperfections. You can be attractive and sexy in your own way. You don't have to put yourself down to bad language. You don't have to worry about your size anymore by following a few tips. In addition, there are shops that specialise in large sizes.

What lingerie should you wear if you are curvy?

Curvy and sexy can go hand in hand. Sometimes a curvy woman is ashamed to show her curves. However, this is what makes her even more beautiful. Lingerie is a seductive asset for a woman. It is also an effective way to express femininity. What is needed is to find the ideal lingerie to bring out her values. Sheathing lingerie is perfect for concealing your tummy and bulges. To sculpt your shape, wear shaping lingerie. Avoid tight panties or string thongs for example. Low-cut underwear will increase your volume. Shorty's, thongs, panty's and panties are excellent and comfortable to wear. For your breasts, choose bras that fit your size and shape. Underwired bras support your breasts. And those with wide straps prevent unsightly marks. Visit rondessexy.co.uk to help you make your lingerie choices.

Choosing sexy lingerie for large sizes

When you have a voluptuous shape, you are afraid to show yourself in lingerie. However, sexy lingerie is made to show a woman's femininity. Every type of woman has the right to be seductive by giving value to her body. For a curvy woman, following these tips can help you find lingerie that suits you: For the bra, choose the one that is in your size (not too wide or too tight) by measuring your measurements in advance. A push-up bra will shape your breasts to show off their shape. For a curvy woman, the bra is not chosen for its aesthetics but also for its comfort. You need to choose one that will enhance and support your breasts at the same time. Choose a model with wide straps. As for the bottom of your underwear, it must fit you. Choose shorts if you want to reduce your hip. You can also opt for high waists to hide your bulges. Sheer lingerie should be part of your wardrobe as it suits all body types. Moreover, it covers all imperfections like high-waisted panties. The fabrics used for your lingerie should be of natural materials such as cotton or linen for example.

Lingerie adapted to your body type

When you have curves that you don't like, you just have to find ways to hide them. Some women use lingerie that is too tight to compress their buttocks or breasts. However, this only results in an unsightly shape. The choice of lingerie depends on your body type, just as with clothes. If you have an A shape, you should add more volume to your upper body and the bottom should not be too revealing. If you have an hourglass shape, you can wear anything. But you still need to choose comfortable lingerie. If you have a flat bottom, wearing a thong or shorts can give you more volume. A big belly can be camouflaged in high-waisted briefs. Choose your underwear according to your needs and expectations.